Feral Stuff (Need Opinions)

Been refining what Cookie sent me and overall I really love the design except I'm struggling with one thing in particular and that's the head of SCARLET-ECHO. My issue is that you can't really tell SCARLET-ECHO's supposed to be a sea otter at a glance but at the same time I'm finding it hard to transcribe its otter features to the feral design I had in mind. Do you think this design looks good for what my goals are or any tweaks you'd suggest? 

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looks awesome !

I like what I've seen in the comments and above, no quarrels from me.

Front view looks great, on the side view there is like an absence of a nose in my opinion. Hence why it looks somewhat skeletal / voldemort ish to me. Maybe It's just that I still remember the otter from my recent visit to the zoo (pic related)

Took another look at your sketch - nose or not, I think this kinda skeletal profile looks right for the purpose of being a menacing mecha, so my opinion is that no tweaks are needed.

The body shape screams mech-otter in feral mode. The head shape seems to be going for a more skeletal/skull like view and for a sea otter its almost spot on. 

The only thing that pushes it slightly towards river otter is the jaw length; sea boys jaw's are ~just~ under half the skull length. The drop off for the nose could be lessened too as sea otters basically have a big ol' rectangular box for a skull with eye sockets basically in line with the nose. But from a design+practicality point of view as a piloted mech it may not make too much sense to have it that way.


Made  a few adjustments while lining. The jaw part was lessened and I made the nostrils a bit larger. That extreme drop off was kind of weird to make but I tried to replicate it slightly. Think this works?

Small adjustment has made it look even better! I may be in the minority but if shown now, without prior knowledge, first guess would have been sea otter, the proportions just feel right and more distinct.

Good to go then?

I'd say this guy was on the spot, it does look great and a lot more similar to the actual skull look!

Very much so! Its great!

That is the new feral? cool


Yeah these honestly look fine to me. It’s a machine meant to look menacing, and I think that feeling is captured pretty nicely. It really does look like a mechanical, badass sea otter🦦

otter body shapes lack a distictive silhouette i think so when the distinctive aspects are sanded away by a metal figure they become harder to recognise. I'm not sure theres much that could be added to this design that would make the otter connection more recognisable at a glance


Hrm. So this is fine enough as is then?

i'd say it looks nice none the less

I like it