Build 0.6.

Here's the new builds for 0.6! Tell me if you encounter any issues or you can't access the downloads.

For this, there are a few concepts introduced as well as some rewrites particularly around the concepts of the Elite Pilots and the convoys. You may want to read Chapter 4's Elite Squadron conversation to get a better idea. I've been working on solidifying some worldbuilding so please bear with me there. But I hope you enjoy the build regardless and hope it doesn't disappoint!

While this is free, I think I'm going to have to start charging a bit more soon even if the builds come out later. I do hope you understand but I'm starting to pay artists now so I'll need the money. This one's just a freebie for all the time that's passed.





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Hey Cetus ! Im having problems downloading it on pc via dropbox.i might be stupid but i just dont know how lol

oh really? what's the issue? i think you just click the link and you should find a download thing? search around and see if you can find anything but if not notify me. i think the download image is a downward pointing arrow.

I dont think this is a problem on your end. Im just being big dumb lol. It says that when i unpack the files via dropbox to my folder it says "failed to unpack "

well okie! i hope you enjoy!

im playing it now and got damn i love the fightmusic so much. sounds like Nine Inch Nails :P . great stuff , great update storywise . well worth the wait !

thank you! glad you enjoyed!


hello just one issue so apparently ico is not compatible with android 11, i can open it but it's stuck on main menu and i can't click anything, this also happens in some renpy vn like lyre, but most other vn i played is just doing fine in android 11 so i really don't understand what the issue here

its not a big problem since for now i just play it in my other device, but i really love if you can fix this problem 

oh right im using samsung a30 android 11 btw, so idk if other android 11 do the same

and thanks for your great vn i really love it ❤

Hm... Interesting. I've never heard of this issue before. I'm not sure what I can do but if you can still play it, that's good I think.

Thanks for the praise, too! ^^ Very glad you enjoyed.

hi sorry to bother you again but i try searching what the issue here so i think it's because android 11 is blocking access to android files even users can't access it, and that's where game data usualy been saved so if the game needs to writes or read data from android file it's may become like what i described since the game can't access it

so I'm not a programmer but i try to search how to solve this problem and this what i found so far in an app called joiplay an emulator that can make you play pc game in android

(Another major change is "Use Scoped Storage" option. As some of you know, Android 11 came with big changes and it severally limits usage of File API.  When "Use Scoped Storage" option is enabled, JoiPlay uses scoped storage to copy game files to it's own folders. This increases disk usage and has some disadvantages but it's the easiest option to support new devices and keep JoiPlay on Google Play. After August, JoiPlay will come with this option force-enabled for Android 11 and up when it's installed from Google Play. I will post a separate build here with lower target api version for who doesn't want to use scoped storage.)

so yeah idk how this option froce-enabled for android 11 works but i think that's can help to make ico playable in android 11

and for "use scope storage" thing in the beginning that copy game files to its own folder, i try playing pc versions of ico in this app but it's not working either

other way than that maybe ask permission to access file in the beginning may works but i don't know if it's going to works or not

uhhhh... huh... yeah im not that much of a programmer too. hm.

if you are able to play other novels though, i wonder if you might be able to ask the creator of a novel you can play and see if they did anything particularly different to address the issue because i dont believe ive heard of this before. maybe my android distributions aren't updated? not sure but i hope we can find an answer.

Always nice to see this VN pop up on my feed~
Keep up the amazing work dude!

yaaaay! thanks <3

Man this build is amazing, all of the action scenes are so dynamic, just unbelievable! If this idea of animating portions of scenes is actually feasible, then it is so worth the effort. Thanks for your hard work.

thanks! thanks! yeah the action scenes are unfinished atm but ill be sure to finalize them sometime soon.

New I.C.O. build!🎉🎉 Thanks!