4k Downloads! (And Would you Be Interested in a Patreon?)

Hey, y'all!

   So, just recently we passed 4k downloads and I'm stoked! Thank you all for downloading and playing my game and it really means a lot. Now, I.C.O. 0.4 is going through a bit of a rough patch due to some unfortunate circumstances but I hope to power through it soon. 

Now, I've been thinking of maybe setting up a Patreon so people can support the project and maybe I can increase the budget a bit to perhaps commission people for certain things like artwork or other services. I'm just wondering how many people would be interested in such a thing if I were to make it. If you'd like to see me set a Patreon up, then please say so alongside any other suggestions you may have. 

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Congrats dude

Thanks! ^^

I'd absolutely be interested in pledging on Patreon!

Excellent! I'm certainly going to be considering it now :)

That would be great!

Ooh thanks. Getting a few yeses so it's looking up at this juncture.

The thing to be careful about patreon is that I can see it easily lead to burn out if you force yourself to have monthly updates like a lot of the other VN patreons. Though I do like the idea of being able to support you in other ways besides just donating!

Yeah I'm thinking more of a by release schedule rather than monthly or even bimonthly if I really want to. I just wanted to put it out there.