Progress Report 0.3.5.

New background to replace the old cockpit. Hope you like it.

So, I'll level with ya'll. I hate the first build of I.C.O. I feel it was an awful way to introduce everything and doesn't do enough to characterize everyone in the time it plays out. So, I'm working hard on doing a complete rewrite of Chapter 1 in order to hopefully fix these issues. In addition to that, I'll be updating a lot of art and lore like how ferals are piloted.

This will mean 0.4 won't come out for a while but I believe it's necessary to make sure the first build or so is as strong as possible. I don't want to be making extensive retcons again in the future so I hope this is a one and done deal. Anyways, if there's anything you'd suggest that could improve the first build I'd happily hear it out. 

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I'm looking forward to seeing the new changes! I'm sad the next update will be delayed, but it's important you like the pacing and layout of your product! Good luck, and I'll be waiting to see what you come up with!


Thanks! Yeah I hope to get it out soon enough so we wont need to wait long. I hope it works out.


so how do you pilot it when it's on all fours when you're stand up?


that'll be addressed but basically the whole exoskeleton is on some sort of frame that's moved around depending on which mode the ferals in. so when the ferals on all fours, the frame moves around horizontally so the pilot is placed stomach down on the platform. hope that makes sense?