Judah Redesign

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to finally have a new design for Judah out. I'm going, to be honest, I never liked the original design for Judah because he never felt super otterlike. But now, I think I'm actually really happy with how his design turned out. Took a bit of trial and error but I think it captures his personality very well. 

What you see on the bottom are some new military suits the characters will be wearing. They'll still wear their skimpy ass skintight suits in their ferals, but I thought it'd be easier to illustrate and be a better opportunity to show some character if they wore these military uniforms outside their ferals. Also, they finally have pockets on themselves for practical reasons. But little deviations between each uniform can better tell what the character is about. Judah, being a big grumpy butthead would have a more gnarled wrinkly suit so I wonder if I went far enough on that front of it if it could be a bit more wrinkly to better represent that. What do you all think?

Also, I did this so soon because of something in the new intro demo I'm making requiring I know the uniform and Judah's design. This however means that the intro demo will be finished with the sketch phase soon which is exciting so I can start playtesting it with other people! I.C.O.'s so close to coming back and I'm so happy that I can get out of this funk. See you all soon!

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Judah is grumpy sea otter.he got a big butt. (Judah creepy glair)

The gasp I just let out

Damn son, he got them Hartman Hips

Are the uniforms supposed to be ironed?


oh my, he got the whole bakery 

i love this fandom, and yes he is a thicc boya


I actually legit LOVE the wrinkled clothes showing off his possible impatience or indifference to caring for his uniform, that's actually so fucking good. Other than that I'd say his waist is a bit *too* snatched? Like in comparison to his old CGs Having a more consistent build across the body felt better,, He can keep the big booty tho that's good. LMAO 

thicc boi


Admirable booty